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SBW Copper Roller Type Voltage Stabilizer for Foxconn SMT Production Line


We have been the qualified supplier of Foxconn Group since the year of 2010, and keep supplying voltage stabilizers/regulators to Foxconn in the past decades. Last month, we have finished the installation of  SBW series copper roller type voltage stabilizer/regulator at Foxconn SMT production line, to ensure a stable voltage supplying to the expensive SMT machine, in order to prevent the machine from voltage fluctuation damage.


The feature of SBW series copper roller type voltage stabilizer/regulator is strong impact resistance ability, servo motor controlled, LCD display easy to operate. Very suitable for CNC machine, SMT machine, lasers machine, injection machine and other industrial use. It can be three phase independent regulation or unified regulation. Standard input voltage range is +/-20%, but also can be customized as +/-30% or +/-40%.


We believe that our quality SBW series copper roller type voltage stabilizer/regulator will help you to solve the power problem. Please do send us inquiry, if you have any question about our product.