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Installation environment and precautions of voltage stabilizer

1. In order to prevent magnetic leakage interference, the distance between the voltage stabilizer and the equipment used should not be less than 2 meters. All kinds of magnetic records, discs, cards, etc. should be kept away from the machine 2 meters to prevent accidental magnetization.

2. Voltage stabilizers generally include input terminals (A, B, C), output terminals (a, b, c, n), shielding, and iron core shell grounding terminals. These terminals have been correctly connected in the voltage stabilization system.

3. If the unbalance of the load exceeds 20%, connect a resistive load in parallel on the light-load phase to balance it. Similarly, if the unbalance of the line voltage at the input end is greater than 10%, it will also affect the voltage regulation performance of the unit At this time, a single-phase voltage regulator should also be set from the input end to make the line voltage at the input end basically balanced. The balance of the input voltage and load does not exceed the above range, and the output line voltage unbalance is ≤5%.

4. When the load equipment has a short circuit, the user needs to shut down and check, and then restart it after eliminating the short circuit fault.

5.When the continuous working time is long, the machine has a certain temperature rise, and its indicated value will drop slightly, slightly lower than the actual voltage value.

6. It should be placed in a well-ventilated location. If the ventilation conditions are poor, please install a ventilation fan indoors