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How is the backup time of UPS power determined?

The backup time is the maximum power supply time that the UPS power supply can provide to the computer and other equipment after the mains power failure. The greater the main power of the equipment you bring, the shorter the actual power supply time. The backup time refers to the maximum power supply time under the rated power.
The power reserve time is determined by the energy storage device. Generally, a fully enclosed maintenance-free lead-acid battery is used as the energy storage device. The battery capacity is reflected by the indicator "Amp-hour", and the discharge time is performed according to the specified current. A battery with the same voltage has a large capacity with a large ampere-hour; a battery with the same ampere-hour has a large capacity with a high voltage. The battery capacity is usually expressed by both voltage and ampere-hours.
The backup UPS has a built-in 7AH battery, and its backup time is fixed; the online UPS power supply has a standard model with a built-in 7AH battery, as well as a long-term model with a large-capacity battery. The user can determine the backup time required to achieve What capacity battery is equipped.
UPS power backup time calculation formula: Cx0.8×t÷(16*12)=X
1. Number of UPS batteries in series A
First of all, you have to know the number of battery cells in series A of the UPS head. This parameter is a fixed value determined by the head of each model, and it is also a necessary condition. Different models have different numbers of series cells. The number of cells in series represents a group of batteries, that is, the number of cells installed in a battery cabinet is A. Generally there are 16, 20, 30, 32, etc.
2. Delay time t
It is to request the UPS delay, generally ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours, and even 8 hours. As the battery increases in UPS within 2 hours, the delay time will also increase approximately proportionally. If it exceeds two hours, the increase in delay is much lower than the increase in battery. Therefore, it is recommended to control the delay as much as possible. Within 2 hours, this can greatly reduce costs and increase utilization.
3. UPS capacity C

UPS capacity is the head load capacity. Unit: KVA, there is a difference between active power KW and capacity apparent power KVA, generally 0.8.