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Some knowledge of AC voltage stabilizer

1. A new AC power supply that stabilizes and suppresses harmonics
At present, the suppression of harmonics in the power grid has become a very important task for the power supply sector. With the development of power electronics technology in recent years, active power filtering has become the most promising filtering method to solve the voltage distortion of the power grid. Using the series active power filter method, a new type of power supply that stabilizes and suppresses harmonics has been developed, called SPQC (Serial Power Quality Controller), which is similar to what is called a dynamic voltage restorer abroad. This product not only stabilizes voltage but also suppresses the harmonics of the power grid, so it can also be called a stabilized filter. This kind of voltage stabilizer can also dynamically compensate the three-phase unbalanced voltage flicker, drop, surge, spike, etc., when the mains voltage is unstable and has harmonic pollution, the instantaneous dynamic voltage of the instrument After compensation, a pure three-phase sinusoidal balance voltage is obtained on the load.

A three-phase voltage stabilized filter with a load capacity of 15kVA, when the input voltage is 170 ~ 210V, the total voltage harmonic distortion rate is 8.8%, with inductive motors and switching power supply loads, the output voltage is between 219 ~ 224, The total voltage harmonic distortion rate drops to 2.8%, and the output waveform has been significantly improved.

This type of power supply is undoubtedly the best choice for precision instruments for petroleum geological prospecting, power supplies for signal lights at stations along electrified railways, and precision instruments for poor-quality power grids.

2. Medical power supply
The CT machine of the medical system has been widely used in various hospitals. If the power supply is not properly configured, the resolution of the CT slice will be poor, which will bring difficulties to the doctor's diagnosis and may also miss the condition. The characteristics of the power supply used by the CT machine itself: 1. When the lesion is exposed to light, the output current of the stabilized power supply is required to be large, and the voltage drop is small. No adjustment is made at this moment; 2. The CT itself has a rectifier circuit, which generates harmonics, which sometimes affects the operation of the stabilized power supply. The control is incorrect. Based on more than ten years of experience in supporting the GE-CT power supply, the internal resistance is reduced in the stabilized power supply, the output is increased by a harmonic filter device, and the control circuit is increased by a locking function and a surge absorption circuit. Measures, designed as a medical power supply to meet the needs of users.

3. AC voltage regulator power supply

In recent years, the market demand has gradually increased, and most of them require relatively large capacity. This product that integrates voltage regulation and voltage regulation functions is a "regulated voltage regulator power supply" or adjustable and stable voltage regulator. The products include induction, power electronics and transformers and other types of voltage regulation and stabilized power supplies. Each type has its own characteristics and shortcomings, which are not described here. It adopts multi-stage voltage regulation and column compensation AC voltage regulator to form a closed loop column voltage regulation regulator, which keeps the output voltage stable while regulating the voltage. This kind of voltage regulator has developed rapidly in recent years, and the capacity range is mostly 30kVA ~200kVA. Compared with the inductive type, there is no fixed rotation and air gap. It has no-load current and low no-load loss, and the waveform is not distorted (waveform Distortion degree 0.5%), fast voltage regulation speed, strong instantaneous overload capability, has been widely used.

With the continuous increase of load capacity, the demand for high-voltage and large-capacity AC regulated power supplies has been raised from time to time. Some users put forward the demand for column-type voltage regulators from 1000kVA to 3000kVA. The requirements of society and users are the development of technology Power, the production unit is user-oriented, and it is an unshirkable responsibility to develop a multi-functional, large-capacity adjustable voltage and stabilized AC power supply to meet the needs of the society.