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Outdoor use voltage stabilizer + transformer 2 in 1, installation for freeway project in China

Our outdoor used voltage stabilizer +transformer 2 in 1 were finished and ready to install for a freeway project in China, it is to support power for the electronic monitoring equipment, electronic signboard and other electronic devices. 

It uses SCR static voltage stabilizer to make the voltage steady at 380VAC, and then step up the voltage to 800VAC, both steps are made into just one machine. At the next toll station, there will install a transformer to step down the voltage from 800VAC to 220VAC. 

Those electronic devices on the freeway will need 220VAC power to work normally, however after long distance of power supply from just one toll station, the voltage drop and voltage fluctuation will be very high and frequent, thus our stabilizer+ transformer 2 in 1 machine are in need to solve this kind problem.

Just feel free to send us inquiry if you have similar problem, we will provide you a whole solution.