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Trouble Shooting of Voltage Regulator

I believe that everyone is not very familiar with voltage regulators, but it plays a big role in our homes. It can automatically adjust the output voltage of the power supply equipment, so that the unstable power supply voltage with large fluctuations can be stabilized in the corresponding range, so that various circuits and electrical equipment can work stably under normal voltage. Next, the editor will bring you a detailed explanation of the common faults and repair methods of the power regulator, and I hope it will help you.
Power regulator repair
1. The voltmeter does not indicate when it is turned on
cause of issue
1. The power plug is not inserted tightly and the voltage is not output.
2. The fuse is broken.
Repair method
1. Check the power socket and insert the power plug firmly.
2. Check the fuse and replace the fuse that meets the requirements as required.
2. The voltage stabilizer can stabilize voltage, but the stabilized value is offset
cause of issue
1. The value read by the voltmeter is not accurate
2. The voltage trimming potentiometer is shifted.
Repair method
1. Check the voltmeter, repair or replace it as appropriate.
2. Correctly adjust the voltage trimming potentiometer.
Three, the voltage stabilizer coil is burned out
cause of issue
The load of the voltage stabilizer is too large, which has exceeded the normal load range of the voltage stabilizer.
Repair method
Replace the voltage regulator coil. When replacing, pay attention to adjusting the voltage and the installation position of the coil. If it cannot be operated correctly, even if the coil is replaced, it will burn out again.
Fourth, the circuit breaker switch trips after connecting the regulator
cause of issue
1. The input wire of the regulator is connected incorrectly.
2. The rated current of the high breaking circuit breaker switch is incorrect.
Repair method
1. Check the input wire of the voltage stabilizer and connect it correctly.
2. Replace with a suitable high breaking circuit breaker.
5. The output voltmeter keeps swinging back and forth and sparks will be generated at the carbon brush
cause of issue
1. The carbon brushes are severely worn.
2. The plane contact pressure between the carbon brush and the voltage regulator coil is too small.
Repair method
1. Replace with a new carbon brush.
2. Clean the carbon brush and voltage regulator coil with a fine file or sandpaper, and then adjust the pressure of the carbon brush.
Six, three-phase does not start, no output voltage
cause of issue
1. The control circuit board does not work.
2. The control circuit board is in the protection state.
3. Input phase loss.
Repair method
1. The control circuit board does not work because it is disconnected or damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced.
2. The control circuit board is in the protection state. Generally, the input phase line voltage is out of the voltage regulation range, just adjust the input voltage.
3. Input three-phase correctly, it should be three-phase four-wire system or five-wire system.

If there is a problem during use, it should be checked and repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of the power regulator. For those who do not understand the circuit, it is best not to disassemble and repair it privately, but to ask professional personnel to help.