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Advantages of 10 KVA isolation transformer


10 KVA isolation transformer is a kind of transformer with relatively safe characteristics in the industry. Because of its excellent product performance, it is used by more and more factories in the industry, and the development speed of production is getting faster and faster. Then it is compared with ordinary transformers. What are the differences?

In fact, the operating principle of a 10 KVA isolation transformer is the same as that of a general transformer. They both use the principle of electromagnetic induction between coils. But the barrier transformer has a double winding structure, primary and secondary insulation, anti-harmonic interference, input and output are completely blocked, so the barrier transformer is much safer than ordinary transformers.We know that many units buy more expensive isolation transformers, because they are primary and secondary insulation, which is relatively safe. Generally, transformers may be self-coupling transformers, single winding, relatively low design cost, and relatively small size. Some are not anti-harmonic interference.

The difference between the 10 KVA isolation transformer and the general transformer is in safety barrier, anti-harmonic, price, volume and other aspects.