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Advantages of high frequency online UPS

1.High-frequency online UPS has advanced working modes;  

2.The high-frequency online UPS system has high reliability;

3.High-frequency online UPS has strong environmental adaptability;

4.High-frequency online UPS has high battery optimization performance;

5.Comprehensive and reliable protection:
(1)It has a self-diagnostic function at power-on to discover hidden dangers of UPS in time and avoid any negligence.
(2)With AC input over-voltage and under-voltage protection, output overload and short-circuit protection, inverter over-heat protection, battery under-voltage warning protection and battery over-charge protection and other multi-function protections in one, which greatly guarantees the stability and reliability of system operation .
(3)With bypass function, when the UPS fails, it can go to the bypass working state without interruption, and the mains will continue to supply power to the load, and provide alarm information.

The DC start function can directly start the UPS when there is no mains power to meet the emergency needs of users.
Intelligent fan protection, UPS can automatically adjust the speed of the fan according to the load capacity to extend the life of the fan; when the fan is abnormal, the UPS can automatically detect and give an alarm.

Humanization of network management:
The LED display panel provides users with accurate information about the working environment and working conditions of the UPS. And through the combined display, you can quickly determine the cause and location of the UPS failure, making the maintenance of the UPS faster and more convenient.
It can communicate with the computer through the RS232 interface and UPS intelligent monitoring software, and the various parameters of the UPS are displayed on the communication interface at a glance.

SNMP adapter is selected, UPS has remote network management function, provides real-time UPS data and power information, and communicates and manages through various network operating systems.