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Three-in-single-out high frequency online UPS

WB3C series high frequency online UPS adopts double-conversion pure online architecture, which is the most effective architecture design for all power problems. It can prevent power outages, over-voltage or under-voltage, instantaneous voltage drops or damping oscillations, and high-voltage pulses in the power grid, Surge voltage, harmonic distortion, clutter interference, frequency fluctuations and other conditions can provide good solutions. Provide users with safe and reliable power protection.

WB3C series high frequency online UPS is a product with strong adaptability and flexible configuration. It adopts advanced DSP digital control technology, which effectively improves product performance and system reliability, and achieves higher power density integration and miniaturization. At the same time, in order to fully meet the individual needs of users, the G series WB 3C series provides a very rich expandable function, which users can flexibly configure according to their needs.