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Uses of three-in-single-out high frequency online UPS

Three-in-one-out high-frequency online UPS is widely applicable to the basic equipment needs of users in finance, telecommunications, government, transportation, manufacturing, education, etc...
Flexible configuration, change according to needs:
Abundant extended functions to meet customer needs in all aspects. The online maintenance function can safely carry out online maintenance under the condition of continuous power supply of the load. Remote power failure function, EPO can quickly shut down the UPS when an emergency occurs, and parallel modules realize parallel expansion and parallel redundancy functions, providing users with flexibility in power planning and safer protection. Dust-proof components improve products in industrial environments Dust protection level below. The isolation transformer provides isolation protection for users.

Adapt to the environment of China's power grid:
The output power factor is 0.8, which is suitable for the development trend of the load and achieves a stronger load capacity. The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 90, which reduces the power loss of the UPS and saves the user's use cost. The active power factor correction technology PFC is adopted, and the input power factor is close to 1. It greatly reduces the pollution to the mains power grid, and is designed to meet the requirements of the Chinese power grid. It provides a wide input voltage range and can adapt to the harsh grid environment. The excellent input frequency range enables UPS to adapt to different power supply equipment such as generators.

Intelligent management:
Intelligent battery management adopts advanced intelligent charging control methods, and selects the optimal charging method according to the battery type and battery usage state, which prolongs the service life of the battery. And it automatically manages the charge and discharge of the battery on a regular basis, and can freely choose the battery voltage, 192V or 240V according to the needs. Users can query and set the corresponding UPS control parameters according to their needs to realize the intelligent management of UPS. Automatically recognize and adapt to 50/60Hz power supply system to meet the requirements of different power supply systems. Complete fault protection and alarm functions, providing complete fault protection and clear alarm and fault warning functions such as input and output overvoltage or undervoltage, battery overcharge or undervoltage, overload and short circuit.

High reliability:
Adopting advanced DSP digital control technology, the product performance is more excellent, the quality is more stable and reliable, the load and overload capacity is strong, the load compatibility is good, it can be applied to different types of loads, and the strong anti-interference ability is in line with EN500912 and IEC62040- 2 Strict requirements for anti-electromagnetic interference, to provide your equipment with a clean power environment.

Rich communication and monitoring:
Provide RS232 communication interface, which can be used for local or remote power management. Provide intelligent slot (Intelligent Slot) users can load WebPower card, SNMP card, CMC card, AS400 card, dry contact card as needed to realize remote management and monitoring functions.

Green environmental protection type:
This product is a green and environmentally friendly product that meets the requirements of the European Union's environmental protection directive RoHS and the national electronic information product pollution control management method. Under the normal use of the product, it will not cause harm to the human body and the environment.

Wide input voltage frequency range:
The extremely wide input voltage and frequency range enables normal power supply even in remote areas with very harsh power environments, reducing the number of battery discharges and increasing the battery life.

Powerful charging ability of long-term machine:
In addition to extending the discharge time, the UPS long-term battery has a strong battery recharging ability, which can provide about 56A of initial charging current.

Can be used with generator:

The wide input voltage and frequency range can effectively isolate the bad power generated by the generator and provide a clean, safe and stable power supply for the load.