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The feature of the voltage stabilizer

1. (voltage stabilizer)Wide input voltage range to adapt to the large range change of automobile battery voltage.

2. (voltage stabilizer)The combination of high-efficiency super capacitor and switching power supply system can work smoothly and intelligently and effectively protect automobile batteries.

3. (voltage stabilizer)Stabilize the voltage output, eliminate the voltage fluctuation caused by the internal resistance of battery and wire during large dynamic operation, make the AV system work stably at the high end of the rated voltage range, and maximize the power output and dynamic range of power amplifier.

4. Low ripple output, effectively suppress power noise interference.

5. Low impedance, strong instantaneous dynamic response, strong bass, mellow midrange and transparent treble. Power requirements.

6. High power (360W when 12V input)
To meet all audio-visual systems of the original vehicle within six channels

7. High efficiency (switching frequency 200kHz), low power consumption, no noise, low heating, no fan, no ACC control, small volume, light weight, simple installation and maintenance free use.

8. Comprehensive protection functions: self recovery input undervoltage protection; self recovery input overvoltage protection; input current limit protection; output overvoltage protection with locking (power failure release); self recovery output short circuit protection; output soft start.