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  • ABOT supplies Coil Type Servo Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer for more than 12 years. We devoted ourselves to voltage stabilizer, dry type transformer, uninterrupted power supply and solar inverter, the quality of our products through a variety of related testing standard, covering the United States and Europe market. We are expecting become your long term partner in China. The following is about Coil Type Servo Single Phase Voltage Stabilizer, we hope to help you better understand it.

  • ABOT supplies Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator for more than 12 years. With high technology and stable quality, we sell voltage regulator, transformer, UPS and solar inverter worldwide. Such as Philips, Hitachi, Foxconn, Flextronics, etc are all our cooperated customers. We sincerely hope to provide a whole solution for customer, to solve their problems. The following is the main information about Single Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator.

  • Single Phase Servo Voltage Regulator is based on servo motor controlled technology, it is a very mutual product in the market, with its stable working performance, high accuracy, and fully automatic regulation, it is widely used for kinds of applications. Besides that, we also sell dry type transformer, UPS and solar inverter. Below are the details of Single Phase Servo Voltage Regulator

  • Single Phase Static Voltage Regulator is a new product of ABOT Power Supply, it is different from servo type voltage regulator, there is no moving parts inside of the regulator, so it is maintenance free voltage regulator, it is SCR modules that will finish the voltage regulation work, so it is very popular for home appliance. For more information about Single Phase Static Voltage Regulator, please check below.

  • Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator is servo dry type voltage regulator, which is designed to maintain a three phase constant voltage level automatically, to protect voltage sensitive electronic equipments from brownouts and other voltage surge damage. Besides that, we also produce dry type transformer, UPS, solar inverter. The following is about Three Phase Automatic Voltage Regulator details.

  • Three Phase Servo Voltage Regulator is a mechanical type voltage regulator, with standard +/-20% input voltage regulation range, the capacity can be listed from 10KVA to 600KVA based on three phase, and maintain a stable output voltage at +/-2% against rated value. Despite voltage regulaor, ABOT also produce transformer, UPS and solar inverter. Just drop us a line for Three Phase Servo Voltage Regulator, if you have any question.