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Industrial Online UPS

Industrial Online UPS is true double-conversion online technology provides pure and safe power supply to all appliances, communication equipment and important loads connected to the internet, through DSP technology responds quickly to different power supply problems, making sure the load will work uninterruptedly. It's compatible to all kinds of loads and widely used in the fields of energy sources, transportation, office, medical equipment, engine-room, data center, toll station and so on. Below are the information of Industrial Online UPS.

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Product Description

1. Product Introduction

Industrial Online UPS is high-efficiency and high-performance, double conversion, pure-online and three phase input and three phase output UPS. This series provides perfect solution for power source protection and successfully solves problems such as blackout, boost, brownouts, sags, decaying, oscillation, high voltage impulse, voltage fluctuations, surges, harmonic distortion, disturbances, frequency fluctuation etc, So that products, can be widely used in computer equipment, communications equipment and other controlling equipments, and under the impact of the load for a particular election can be installed accessories to deal with complex industrial environment. Therefore, the products can be applied in a diversified multi-industries field such as telecommunications, financing, transportation, government, manufacturing and energy sectors.

2. Product Parameter


Rectifier Input





Rectifier input part

With input reactor

Grounding mode


Ground resistance


Rated DC voltage



Inverter Part

Output voltage

three-phase five-wire system

AC 380±1%


Same with local electricity frequency when normal;

50±0.05Hz under battery supply mode

Voltage stability rate under 100% three phase imbalance load


Waveform distortion

THD≤2.5% under linear load

Static bypass transfer time


System efficiency


30 minutes overload ability


15 minutes overload ability


1 minute overload ability


Inverter output part

With isolation transformer for output


Total Data

Maintenance bypass

Provide maintenance bypass with no switching time

LCD Display

Three phase input and output voltage, frequency, load ratio, battery voltage, battery charge/discharge current, inside temp, calendar

Alarm function


Connection type

RS232, comply with SNMP, remote control

Protect function

Short circuit, over load, over-temp, battery low voltage, over voltage, low voltage

Electromagnetic compatibility 

Comply with GB9254, A level



Cooling method


Operation temperature


Ambient humidity


IP rating



300 thousand hours


3. Product Typical Feature

● 10KVA-1000KVA capacity, for industrial use.
● Online design, pure sine wave of output, free from wave distortion.
● Input with rectifier module, output with inverter module, SCR module, humanized maintenance.
● Redundant design for key circuit, to improve the system reliability.
● Cold start, automatic restart function.
● Reliable electromagnetic compatibility.
● Friendly human-computer interface with LCD touch screen.
● Smart local and remote monitoring function, RS232 port, compatible with SNMP.
● Self detection and protection functions, high resistance ability of load impact, over current and over circuit protection functions.


4. Product Feature And Application

Industrial Online UPS is widely used for lighting, bank, medical equipment, data center, etc.

5.Product Details

The Details of Industrial Online UPS as below:

6. Product Qualification

The Qualification of Industrial Online UPS as below:


7.Deliver,Shipping And Serving


Industrial Online UPS will be covered by stretch film, then packed with a standard exporting wooden box. Can be shipped by Express, Air and Sea transportation.

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