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Eight reasons why the computer room has to use UPS

UPS power supply has the functions of voltage stabilization and filtering. UPS can supply power through the utility bypass in case of fault or overload. The UPS power supply in the computer room can supply power continuously when the power supply is interrupted, so as to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

1. Usually, the server needs dual power input. If any power supply fails, the normal operation of the server will not be affected, and the fault tolerance ability of the server to power supply is greatly improved.

2. Input power factor, input current harmonic and power of the whole machine can achieve the effect of energy saving. Energy saving equipment can reduce the loss of the power grid, but also can save electricity charges, so that the operation cost is reduced.

3. The supply of monitoring software, Ethernet network for remote network monitoring, at the same time can monitor multiple UPS, convenient for centralized monitoring and management.

4. When the system is expanded, the normal operation of the load should not be affected, which can not only save the cost of system manufacturing, but also maintain safe and efficient operation in the manufacturing of data center.

5. The monitoring system of Pan geo UPS power supply room is composed of front-end equipment, client / server app and PC large screen. Users can view the operation status and related parameters of UPS equipment in real time after logging in through the user app / PC, and can also intuitively monitor the operation status and relevant data of the system on the large screen end of the mobile phone. When abnormal occurs, it can receive alarm information synchronously.

6. In case of earthquake, fire and other accidents, it can provide remote or near remote control for quick shutdown to prevent serious damage in emergency.

7. It has three-phase open phase function. In case of lack of one phase, it can withstand 50% additional full load. If there is no two phase, it can withstand 25% extra full load, and it can operate on-line for a long time.

8. It has the ability of automatic adjustment of battery discharge stop voltage and the ability of environmental temperature compensation. At the same time, it can automatically charge and discharge regularly. The discharge time or battery voltage discharge depth can be set and controlled remotely by maintenance personnel.

The correct use and maintenance of UPS power supply can not only make the UPS power supply play the maximum efficiency, but also extend the service life of UPS power supply.