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What is the Features of Static Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer AVR?


The invention of electricity can be said to be a milestone in the history of human progress, however, voltage fluctuation is a problem that often comes up, which affects our normal life and production activities. Here is the voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR that helps us solve this problem, so what kind of help that static voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR can bring us? And what is the feature of static voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR? Now let's take a look at below.

1. Intelligent Human-computer Interface

On the LCD panel, the parameters will be displayed clearly, including input voltage, output voltage, current, voltage regulation mode, working method, exception class on each phase. It will display true real-time values on input voltage and output voltage changes. And all the parameters can be set just through the LCD panel, such as over voltage value, under voltage value, over current value, etc, all are settable according to customer detailed requirements. If there is any failure, it will be also showed on the LCD panel, so that the staff can check the failure easily and clearly. 

2.Fast Response to Voltage Fluctuation

Normally, if the voltage floating up and down at a large range in a very short time, the ordinary voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR is hard to control the voltage, it will be mostly burn out, then the voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR will stop working very suddenly, thus affect the normal operation of the back-end load equipment. However, the feature of static voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR is that even in the case of large and frequent voltage fluctuation, the stabilizer can regulate the output voltage to rated value, so as to protect the loading equipment. The response time of static voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR is 20-200ms, this is a very important feature of this stabilizer.


3.High Over Load Ability

Some factories may add some loading equipments due to the production line expended, then the additional loading equipments will add much pressure to the voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR. Ordinary stabilizer may burned out in a short time, but ABOT produce full power capacity static voltage stabilizer, and integrated with high technology to resist over load problem, so it can work normally, to ensure a stable voltage for the loading equipments.


4.Maintenance Free

Static voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR is maintenance free product which is controlled by digital SCR modules, it is different from mechanical voltage regulator/stabilizer, it does not have mechanical moving parts, so it does not have wearing parts.


Above are the main features of static voltage regulator/stabilizer AVR, if you have any question about it, please send us an inquiry, we will reply you within 24 hours.