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Does the AC voltage stabilizer/regulator itself consume power?

Does the AC voltage stabilizer/regulator itself consume power?

In our electrical industry, normal work needs to consume a little electricity. If it is used for a long time, it consumes about 0.1-0.3 degrees per day. Therefore, the power consumption rate of our AC voltage stabilizer is relatively low. Choosing “ABOT" voltage stabilizer/regulator can save a little more power than other manufacturers.

1. The AC voltage stabilizer/regulator needs electricity, but the power consumption is low 
The AC voltage stabilizer/regulator we need to know is also an electrical appliance. Since it is an electronic product, it will also consume power. The key to whether the consumption is large or not,  depending on the model of the voltage stabilizer/regulator selected by the customer.
At present, the power consumption of several voltage stabilizers on the market is generally very low. The power consumption of ABOT voltage stabilizers in the no-load state generally does not exceed 1%, and the load generally does not exceed 3-5%. The greater the power, the higher the efficiency at full load, and the efficiency of ABOT AC voltage stabilizer/regulator can basically reach more than 98%. However, the loss of induction and oil-immersed regulators is greater. Therefore, whether the voltage stabilizer consumes power depends on the specific brand and model, but generally speaking, the voltage stabilizer is a low power consumption product.
2. Regulator brand recommendation

Everyone likes voltage stabilizers/regulators that are safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. So, what brand of voltage stabilizers/regulators is good? Among the many brands in the market, which one is suitable for you? Today I will introduce to you "ABOT" smart static voltage regulator/stabilizer. This product is maintenance-free, has a fast response speed of 4mS/Step, high safety, ultra-wide voltage regulation range, high overload capacity, and can withstand an instantaneous 3 times the load current without damaging the equipment. It is welcomed by various industries.