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Projects and Applications for Medical Equipment


In the past decades, we have keep supplying kinds of voltage regulator/stabilizer/AVR for medical equipments, such as Philips CT, Philips DR, Toshiba CT, etc.

We all know that some medical equipments are voltage sensitive machine with high precision, and also it is very expensive to the hospital, provide a stable voltage environment to those medical equipments becomes very important, therefore, a voltage regulator/stabilizer/AVR is a must to solve the fluctuation problem in order to protect the medical machine.

Our advanced SBW series and ZBW series voltage regulator/stabilizer/AVR are both suitable for medical equipments, with its' high standard performance, the accuracy can be +/-1% to +/-2%. HMI operation panel helps the user monitoring and setting the parameters easily.


Both types of voltage regulator/stabilizer/AVR accept customized requirements, such as input voltage range, output voltage, air switch brand, SCR modular brand, isolation transformer, three phase independent compensation or not, manual bypass, etc. We can also help customer to provide a whole solution just according to the customer' local specified condition.


Please just send us an inquiry, if you have any problem about voltage fluctuation.