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How to choose the power of voltage stabilizer?

Generally speaking, the standard output power unit of a voltage stabilizer is KVA, and a 1KVA voltage stabilizer can carry a resistive load of about 800W. Refrigerators, air conditioners, and water pumps in household appliances are inductive loads, and inductive loads have 2-3 times the inrush current at the moment of starting. Inductive load power selection: according to rated power * 3 times. Generally, a single-phase 8KVA voltage stabilizer is recommended for a 3-hp single-phase air conditioner.

The general voltage stabilizer manufacturer recommends the usual power algorithm when choosing a voltage stabilizer: industrial equipment is rated power * 2 times, when used in inductive load motor running equipment, large current impact starter, generally choose more than 3 times the capacity Voltage stabilizer, so as not to start the current too large, so that the voltage drop of the power supply line is large and affect the normal output of the voltage stabilizer.

For example, if the power of a certain steam pump is 7.5 kilowatts, and the equipment starts to operate, the surge current exceeds 3 times the power of the motor, and a regulator with the power of the air pump * 3 times must be selected. Power selection is critical to the life span and output accuracy of the regulator. A reasonable choice of the voltage stabilizer is an indispensable link to ensure the normal operation of the voltage stabilizer. If the power is too small, it will cause the voltage stabilizer to generate a large amount of heat, accelerate aging, and lose more than gain.