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Does the CNC machine need to be equipped with a voltage stabilizer?


A CNC machine is an automated machine equipped with a program control system. The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbolic instructions, and decode it, so that the machine can operate and process parts.

Compared with ordinary machine tools, this kind of CNC machine has higher processing times and stable quality, and is more favored by processing companies. However, it is an automatic equipment, so the voltage requirements are more stringent, otherwise it will seriously affect the product quality.

What harm will the unstable power grid cause to CNC machine?
Overvoltage: It will cause overvoltage alarm of the numerical control system and accelerate the aging and even damage of components.
Undervoltage: If the voltage is too low, the CNC system will issue an undervoltage alarm, the entire CNC system will crash or restart, and the system parameters may be lost.
Voltage fluctuation: It will make the motor run unstable, lose data, pull the relay and contactor, and cause malfunction.
Surge impact: It is easy to cause damage to the CNC system or servo drive components, cause insulation breakdown of electrical equipment, and easily cause system crashes and data errors.
Harmonic interference: The harmonic current generated by the nonlinear load will affect multiple working links of the CNC system, causing system crash, reset, data loss, communication failure and false alarms.

In order to better solve the problem of power grid stability, we recommend using the SBW series of special voltage regulators for CNC machine to provide a clean and pure power environment for CNC.

Here are the main specifications of SBW series voltage stabilizer below.



380V+/-20% (three phase), or customized




Rated Voltage




Response Time


Waveform Distortion

No additional waveforms generated (static)




Over Voltage

delay 3~5 seconds cut off output, when output voltage over 10%

Under Voltage

delay 3~5 seconds cut off output, when output voltage lower than 15%

Phase Failure

cut off output automatically

Surge protection

with surge protection

Over Current

delay 3~5 seconds cut off output, when over rated current

Short Circuit

cut off output


Manually or automatically transfer to DC power supply in case of voltage regulator failure or repair



Relative Humidity


Withstand Voltage


Insulation Resistance


EM filtering device


Working method

Can be long-term continuous unattended work

Cooling System

Self cooling