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Why does the computer room need to be equipped with UPS?


The equipment in the computer room is very important. Servers, computers, monitoring, etc. must ensure the normal power supply, especially the transmission and reception of data on the network. The server is used, so the reliability of the server is Be guaranteed.

The role of UPS is to allow us enough time to store information and data in the event of some emergency power outages, and the UPS has the function of voltage stabilization to effectively protect the safety of electricity use of the equipment.


Why does the computer room need to be equipped with UPS?

1. The equipment in the computer room is mainly composed of important equipment such as servers, computers, monitoring, and communications. Data transmission, reception, and integration are all carried out here. Once the power is suddenly cut off, important data will be lost because it is too late to save. UPS uninterruptible power supply is to play the role of uninterrupted power supply after a power outage, so that you have enough time to save data or generate electricity.


2. Sudden power outages, the instantaneous voltage and current will be very high when the power comes in. Some sophisticated equipment will not be able to withstand this instantaneous impact and will be burned. UPS has a voltage stabilizing function, and its existence protects these equipment in this situation. Security.


3. Some work processes cannot be cut off, such as surgery, experimentation, scientific research, charging, etc. These places must be protected by power sources.


How to choose UPS power supply?


1. Determine the size of the load power to select the power of ups

2. Determine the required standby time to configure the battery capacity and quantity of UPS

3. Choose the ups brand according to budget or preference, etc.

4. Choose a manufacturer based on technical after-sales guarantee, etc. If you choose a supply without after-sales guarantee, it will be very troublesome if there are problems in the future power supply is an electronic product after all, maintenance is very important.

6. If you really can’t judge by yourself, you should consult the UPS power supply manufacturer. Generally they will help answer the model and brand. They are professional after all.