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What problems should be paid attention to when wiring the stabilized power supply?


You should pay attention to some small details when installing and wiring the stabilized power supply. If the wiring is wrong, it will affect the use of the stabilized power supply, and may also damage the stabilized power supply, or even cause a serious fire. To this end, we have summarized a few small details that should be paid attention to when wiring to share with you.

1. The phase line and neutral line of the voltage stabilizer must not be connected reversely. When the single phase voltage stabilizer is connected reversely, it will seriously affect the filtering effect of voltage stabilizer. If the three phase voltage stabilizer is connected reversely, it will cause a serious short circuit and cause serious damage to the voltage stabilizer.

2. The output of the single-phase high-power voltage stabilizer can only withstand a maximum current of 10A, when plugged into the socket. The user should connect a larger power load to the terminals of voltage stabilizer.

3. The ground wire and neutral wire of the voltage stabilizer shall not be connected reversely or connected together, otherwise the voltage stabilizer may become charged or not work normally.


4. The input and output circuits of the three-phase voltage stabilizer model must be connected in strict accordance with the three-phase four-wire system, and the neutral line must not be omitted, otherwise the voltage stabilizer and electrical loading equipment may be damaged.