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Why is it necessary to equip a compensating voltage regulator for the loading equipment?


For compensation voltage regulators, there are single-phase and three-phase. They are designed and manufactured using international advanced compensation technology. They have the characteristics of large capacity, low loss, and high efficiency. Compensating regulators have a good suppression effect on the grid impact of various high-power inductive loads. The high-power load causes the grid voltage to fluctuate, which threatens the safety of many expensive equipment that requires precision and value for electricity, causing direct or indirect Adding a compensating regulator at the front end can completely solve the above problems.


Test data show that the working efficiency of equipment equipped with a voltage stabilizer is at least 3% higher than that without a voltage stabilizer, the equipment wear rate is 2% lower, and the equipment failure rate is lower than that of the equipment without a voltage stabilizer. The energy-saving rate of equipment installed at the front end of the equipment using voltage stabilizer is generally about 15%, and in some higher occasions, it can reach 20%-30%, and the energy saving effect is significant. Therefore, the stabilized power supply has become the development direction of equipment energy saving and protection.


ABOT Power company has customized a series of industry-specific voltage regulators for many industry users according to the different needs of industry users for electricity safety, hoping to achieve mutual benefit and win-win with a more stable power supply, and to maintain and increase the value of users' assets. .