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Single input single output high frequency online UPS


WB900 series high frequency online UPS is an uninterruptible power supply equipment with double conversion online design, single-phase input and single-phase output. The product has high efficiency and high reliability, and provides reliable and high-quality AC power for your equipment. High frequency online UPS can be divided into two categories: standard type and long-term type according to the different configurations of the battery part in the machine. The output of UPS is a pure sine wave power supply with frequency tracking, phase-locking voltage stabilization, noise filtering, and no interference from power grid fluctuations, so that UPS can provide more comprehensive and perfect protection to user equipment. The output has zero switching time, which meets the high standard requirements of precision equipment for power supplies.

The purpose of high frequency online UPS:
The high frequency online UPS is small in size and convenient for customers to use. It is especially suitable for the basic equipment needs of users in finance, telecommunications, government, transportation, manufacturing, education, etc....